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Choosing The Best Catering Service

One of the most important events of every wedding is, of course, the reception proper. We’re sure almost all attendees and guest would also agree, especially when they know that the service and food is satisfying and delicious. Every woman’s wish is to have a wedding they had always dreamt of. That’s why they make sure that they have found the best host and wedding caterers.

It is always good to know that the best caterers will reach your demand or even exceed your expectations as well. But you have to remember and consider that you might want to choose a legitimate host, has a good rating and is budget-friendly.

This article will share what you need to know and eventually help you choose the best caterer you could never ask for.

Generally, catering services aim to provide quality food and services to their guests. Depending on the venue or the concept of the wedding, they are responsible for ensuring that they satisfy help and needs. With the help of waiters and waitresses, caterers have a lot of things to do before, during, and after the wedding.

Types of Catering Services -

To identify the best caterer for you, here are some catering types you want to know.

  1. Plated Service is the most common type of catering you usually see. The waiter puts food on a plate and serves it entirely to the guest.

  2. Full Silver service – the waiter serves the food using their right hand while the left hand assists them at the table.

  3. Semi Silver service – waiter usually asks the guest what kind of food they want on their plate.

  4. Cocktail Reception – Cocktail reception is recommended if you want something entirely different. They usually serve finger food and cocktail drinks for guests. You can also find here charcuterie board and wines.

  5. Buffet Service – it is also common for clients who have many guests. Usually, foods are lined up to a long table with appetizers, main course, side dishes, and desserts.

  6. Gueridon service does not usually see this because it takes place when an important person or client graces an event. The food is placed in a trolley and served to VIP guests. It is when the owner or the chef compliments its visitor.

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